It was a great night, can't remember Jack but good vibes and good times were had. You get up to leave, preparing for that walk of shame into the bright morning sun... could be worse.... but wait. He rolls over. The beast is awake. He asks for your number. Oh no.. what to do... How to say it ...
Nothing worse than that awkward moment when a one night stand wants more. But fear not, Wham Bam Thank You Jam is here to save the day and get you out of those sticky situations. Just say it with jam. 
In three whacky flavours: Just Peachy, Big Tingz Poppin Cherry and Strawbrb, never let your date get the wrong idea ever again. The perfect end to a night, or pack a punch in delivering the message before the night even begins - no more marmaladies or words spreading, be clear as day with your message and guaranteed to never have to deal with another awkward, jarring misconstrudeled conversation again. 

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