Inspired by the need to get back in touch with each other and our inner kid selves, Sunday&Clay aim to create an escape and experience from the ordinary.
The brainchild of two best friends on opposite sides of the town, both doing it tough during iso, Sunday&Clay was their way of rekindling and reigniting that creative flame - a way to bring a little joy and spark back to those around them who were also feeling the weight of the solitude.
We wanted to create a way for people to escape and go on an adventure, to bring back that childlike curiosity and remind ourselves not to take life too seriously. Like any iconic duo, Bey&Jay Z, Chrissy&John, Justin&Hailey...need we say more? Sunday&Clay is the perfect balance and harmony of two perfect wholes moulding together. We're bringing the ying and yang back into your life that you never knew you needed. 
Sunday is best paired with a side of clay and that's what we're here for.

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